Jianguo Wei
School of Computer Science and Technology
Tianjin University, China 
Room 1222, Building 25B,
No. 92, Weijin Road, Nankai District,
Tianjin City, China,300072 


Jianguo [AT]tju[DOT]edu[DOT]cn

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I am currently an associate professor in Tianjin University.

My research aims to understand and model human speech production process. My research interests include articulatory modeling, modeling coarticulation, articulatory-based speech synthesis and image processing for articulatory analysis.

Academic Activities

·Reviewer of Speech communication, J of Supercomputing,IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal processing

Professional Affiliations

Membe of International Speech Communication Association (ISCA)

Member of Acoustic Society of Japan (ASJ)

Member of IEEE

Member of ACM

Member of CCF

Academic experiences

·Postdoctoral researcher of CNRS/Telecom(2007-2008)


· Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , Japan : Ph.D. in Speech Science, (2004-2007)

Dissertation: “A Study of Coarticulation based on Observations and Simulations”

· Tianjin University , China :M.S. In Department of Computer Science and Technology

· Jilin University , China : B.S.In Department of Electronic Engineering


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