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I am Xiaofei Wang, currently a professor (researcher) in Tianjin University. My research interests include future internet, 5G mobile networks, social big data and so on. ❤ I am quite an interest-driven guy, and I love music, movie, eating, and traveling... Research is luxurious, but life isn't. Howsoever, we must enjoy both. ☕
我是王晓飞,目前是天津大学的教授,我的科研工作主要是未来网络、5G移动网络、网络大数据等。我是极为兴趣驱动的那种人,喜欢音乐,电影,美食,旅行…… 科研其实是非常奢侈的,但生活并不是,无论如何,我们要学会享受两者。

♫ I am looking for brilliant students with dreams - let's realize them together!

News 最新动态

✌ 2018.05 - Wow! Our paper "Resource Allocation for Cache-enabled Cloud-based Small Cell Networks" is accepted in Elsevier COMCOM (SCI, CAS/JCR-3, IF:3.338)!
恭喜!我们最新的“Resource Allocation...”论文被COMCOM录取(中科院3区,影响因子3.338)!

✌ 2018.05 - Our "Guest Editorial - Special Issue on Software Defined Networking for Internet of Things," is online! It is really a nice SI and we really appreciate for the support of EiC, reviewers and authors! DOI: 10.1109/JIOT.2018.2838968
我们在IEEE IoT Journal(中科院1区)办的SDN-IoT特刊的Guest Editorial上线了!这期特刊一定很精彩,因为有如此给力的EiC、审稿人和投稿人!谢谢!

✌ 2018.05 - WOW! We got "the 4rd China Cloud Computing Contest - 2nd Prize! I really love my students!! "

✌ 2018.04 - Super Congratulations! Our paper "Hierarchical Edge Caching in Device-to-Device Aided Mobile Networks: Modeling, Optimization, and Design" is accepted in IEEE JSAC, SCI, CAS/JCR-1, CCF-A, IF:8.085!
超级恭喜!我们最新的"Hierarchical Edge Caching in Device-to-Device..."论文被领域No.1刊物IEEE JSAC录取了(CAS/JCR-1, CCF-A, 影响因子8.085)

✌ 2018.04 - I got the ACM Tianjin Rising Star Award from ACM China!
我获得了ACM China颁发的ACM中国新星奖(天津),感谢支持我的前辈和朋友,感谢我的学生。

✌ 2018.04 - I got the support of Tianjin University - Peiyang Young Scholar, 400K RMB. Thanks! For ``Peiyang''!!

✌ 2018.02 - Fortunately, I got the National 1,000 (Young) Talents Plan! I sincerely appreciate for the support and help of everyone!


Academic Positions 学术经历

  • 2016-PresentProfessor 教授(特聘研究员)

    School of Computer Science and Technology, Tianjin University, China

  • 2014-2016Post-doctoral Researcher 博士后研究员

    School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada

  • 2008-2013Ph.D. (Doctor of Science) 博士

    School of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea

  • 2006-2008Master of Science 硕士

    School of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea

  • 2001-2005Bachelor of Science 学士

    School of Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Selected Awards 科研奖励

2018 National 1,000 (Young) Talents Plan
2017 CCF-Intel Young Faculty Researcher Program
2017 Tianjin University Peiyang Young Scholar
2017 IEEE ComSoc Fred W. Ellersick Prize
2016 Tianjin 1,000 (Young) Talents Plan
2015 IEEE Outstanding Service Award (CLOUDCOM)
2012 CSC Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad
2008-2011 ITPA Outstanding Foreign Students Scholarship

Selected Papers 代表论文

70+ papers in totally (30+ 1st-author or corresponding-author), including IEEE Trans. on Wireless Comm., IEEE Wireless Comm., IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, IEEE INFOCOM and so on. There 31 SCI papers, including 6 CAS/JCR-1, 11 CAS/JCR-2 papers, 8 CAS/JCR-3 papers, with total IF 150, 3 ESI highly-cited papers, WoS citation 700+, Google Scholar citation 1500+.
在国际知名期刊和学会发表论文70余篇(1作或通讯30余篇),包括IEEE Trans. on Wireless Comm., IEEE Wireless Comm., IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, IEEE INFOCOM等。SCI共31篇,中科院1区6篇,2区11篇,3区8篇,总影响因子约150,ESI高引3篇,WoS引用超700,谷歌引用约1500。

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Cache In The Air: Exploiting Content Caching and Delivery Techniques for 5G Systems

Authors: Xiaofei Wang, Min Chen, Tarik Taleb, Adlen Ksentini, Victor C. M. Leung
Publication: IEEE Communications, Vol.52, No.2, February, 2014. (SCI, CAS/JCR-1, IF: 10.435)

D2D Big Data: Content Deliveries over Wireless Device-to-Device Sharing in Realistic Large Scale Mobile Networks

Authors: Xiaofei Wang, Yuhua Zhang, Victor C. M. Leung, Nadra Guizani, and Tianpeng Jiang
IEEE Wireless Communications, vol. 25, no.1, pp. 1-10, 2018. (SCI, CAS/JCR-1, IF: 8.972)

Collaborative Multi-Tier Caching in Heterogeneous Networks_ Modeling, Analysis, and Design

Authors: Xiuhua Li, Xiaofei Wang, Keqiu Li, Zhu Han, Victor C. M. Leung,
IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communications, Vol. 16, No. 10, pp.6926-6930, 2017. (SCI, CAS/JCR-2, IF: 4.951)

TOSS: Traffic Offloading by Social Network Service-Based Opportunistic Sharing in Mobile Social Networks

Authors: Xiaofei Wang, Min Chen, Han Zhu, Dapeng Oliver Wu, Ted "Taekyoung" Kwon
Publication: IEEE INFOCOM 2014. (CCF-A)

List of Publications 所有科研论文列表

A dream you dream alone is only a dream,
A dream you dream together is reality.
—— John Lennon

—— 约翰·列侬