Zenghua Zhao  赵增华


Associate Professor

Tianjin Key Lab of Advanced Networking (TANK)

Department of Computer Engineering

School of Computer Science and Technology
Tianjin University 
135 Yaguan Road, JinNan District, Tianjin, 

300354, China





Email : zenghua(at)tju.edu.cn



Dr. Zenghua Zhao is an Associate Professor at School of Computer Science and Technology in Tianjin University. She is a member of IEEE, ACM and a senior member of CCF. She was a visiting scholar of IIT hosted by Professor Xiang-Yang Li from Sept. 2012 to Mar. 2013, and also a visiting scholar of UCLA hosted by Professor Mario Gerla from Jun. to Dec. 2009.

Dr. Zhao’s research interests include wireless networks, mobile computing, wireless sensor networking, software defined networking and system.




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[11]  "Video Compression and Transmission in Wireless Networks", NSFTJ (023601111), 2002.06 - 2005.06, PI


Selected Publications 


[1]     Zenghua Zhao, Ming He, Jie Zhang, Lianfang Zhang, “QoS Routing and Traffic Scheduling in Long-Distance802.11 Wireless Mesh Networks”, Chinese Journal of Electronics, 2012.0321(2): 313-317 [pdf]

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[3]   Zenghua Zhao, Yantai Shu, Lianfang Zhang, and Oliver Yang, Flow-level multipath load balancing in MPLS network. IEICE Transactions (Transactions of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers), May 2005, E88B (5): 2015-2022.

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[3]    Zenghua Zhao, Fucheng Zhang, Shaoping Guo, Xiang-Yang Li, Junze Han, RainbowRate: MIMO Rate Adaptation in 802.11n WiLD Links, 33rd IEEE -- International Performance Computing and Communications Conference (IEEE IPCCC’2014), Austin, Texas, USA, December 5-7, 2014. [pdf]

[4]    Zenghua Zhao, Xuanxuan Wu, Xin Zhang, Jing Zhao, Xiang-Yang Li, ZigBee vs WiFi: Understanding Issues and Measuring Performances of their Coexistence, 33rd IEEE -- International Performance Computing and Communications Conference (IEEE IPCCC’2014), Austin, Texas, USA, December 5-7, 2014. [pdf]

[5]   Zenghua Zhao, Xin Zhang, Xuanxuan Wu, Xiang-Yang Li, Junze Han, GasNet: Efficient Residential Building Gas Leak Monitoring via Opportunistic Networking, the 11th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems (IEEE MASS’2014), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, October 27-30, 2014. [pdf]

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"Computer Networks", undergraduate, spring, since 2003

"The Discrete Event System Simulation", undergraduate, fall, 2004

"The Discrete Event System Simulation", undergraduate, fall, 2003

"The C Programming Language", undergraduate, spring, 2002

"The C Programming Language", undergraduate, spring, 2001 

"Data Communication", undergraduate, Fall, 2000


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